Arbroath Seastories Workshop

With Katherine Wren and Orla Stevens

A full day workshop for young people aged 12- 16 yrs hosted by Hospitalfield.

Sunday 5 September 10am- 4pm

To book a free place email:

Workshops will start at 10am meeting at Arbroath West links Park, Queens Drive.

Sea Stories – Youth Music Composition Workshop

Are you fascinated by the sea: its sights and sounds and the stories it yields? Have you ever wished you could tell those Sea stories through music and art?

Musician Katherine Wren of Nordic Viola and landscape artist Orla Stevens join together in this day of workshops to recreate and interpret our experience of the sea. During the morning we will walk down to the sea at Arbroath to watch and listen to the sea. We will collect sounds and make sketches as well as looking for objects on the beach (natural and human-produced) that we can use to draw and to create sound.

In the afternoon we will split into 2 groups working in turn with Katherine and Orla at Hospitalfield. Katherine will explore ways of sounding the sea on our instruments as well as with homemade instruments, found objects and recorded sound. We will learn about the elements that make up music and about how these help us to structure sound.

Orla will lead the drawing element of the workshop, exploring intuitive and expressive approaches to sounds and seascapes, using both found objects from the shore line and traditional art materials to create artworks and graphic scores.

At the end of the afternoon we will come together to explore how we can use graphic scores (a visual alternative to reading musical notation) to explore how shape, colour and composition can inspire sounds, and vice versa, finishing with an informal group performance.

Age Range: 12-16

Experience: No prior experience required, but if you play an instrument, please bring it along. Art materials will be provided.

Clothing: we will be spending time outside and on the beach, so bring sturdy footwear, warm clothing and waterproofs as well as snacks and drinks. Please wear old clothes as they may get covered in paint!

Face coverings will be required during the afternoon while we are working indoors.

Katherine Wren is the founder of Nordic Viola and a member of the RSNO. Her work explores the environment and cultures of northern coastal communities. She has twice been shortlisted for the Scottish New Music Awards “Making it Happen” category.

Find out more about Katherine’s work at Social media: Twitter @kathviolaplayer Facebook:

Orla Stevens is a Scottish artist, whose work explores rural landscapes of the north and north west. Paintings are increasingly driven by both visual and audio field research, looking to explore a multi-sensory experience of place, translated through colour and form.

To view Orla’s work: / Social media: @orlastevens

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