Pre-tour concert!

I’m excited to announce my pre-tour concert to be held on Saturday 20th August at 7:30 in the beautiful Kinbuck Centre, 2 miles from Dunblane, next to the Allan Water.


The programme will be a musical tour with readings and pictures of all the countries I will be visiting during the 6 months that I am away.

There will be a mix of musical styles from folk to contemporary, including arrangements of traditional music from Shetland and Iceland and music by me inspired by both my own home (Dunblane) and the Inuit music of Greenland. I hope to bring some of my musician friends along with me, too!

Other composers are likely to include Kristian Blak, the leading Faroese composer and Oliver Kentish, a British-born composer now living in Iceland,  the Danish composer Poul Ruders and Adrian Vernon Fish, a composer who has worked extensively in Greenland.

You’re probably thinking that you haven’t heard of these composers – well, that’s one of the reasons for my travels. Being off the beaten track means that the music of these fabulous composers still remains to be discovered by many of us “down here”. I am just loving discovering all this new repertoire that is so evocative of the North Atlantic and I can’t wait to share it with you, so get the date in your diaries!